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Writing Programs

The ability to communicate their ideas, demonstrate their understanding of concepts, and even express themselves as individuals can be traced back to the written word. And yet according to studies, 75% of both 8th and 12th graders lack proficiency in writing.[1]  Our students deserve better.

Excellerate is here to help. Our comprehensive writing series focuses on quality over quantity while overcoming common roadblocks, including:

  • Reducing writing inhibitions
  • Exploring different styles of writing
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Strengthening and increasing writing comfort

All classes are 50 minutes long and meet twice a week, for a total of eight times per month. Start your student on the path to writing success!

You can make anything  by writing.


Course Description

Each class is designed to build upon the previous, providing students with a thorough opportunity to analyze and improve their critical thinking, writing, and reading comprehension.

Write On!

This introductory course tackles with all the all-too-common complaint that students ‘hate’ writing. From writer’s block to organizing ideas, building comfort and confidence starts with getting back to fundamentals, including persuasive, narrative, descriptive, informative, and poetic writing styles:

  • Short, weekly writing prompts spark students’ creativity while helping individuals get accustomed to sharing their work and speaking publicly
  • Intimate and interactive groups that allow for brainstorming and constructive feedback
  • Encouraging writers to use spoken language to formulate ideas while teaching students to improve their writing through editing.

Through this approach, students leave the course with a new self-confidence in their creativity and writing abilities.


Excellence in Writing

Beyond knowing the fundamentals, students are often expected to produce quality writing without seeing first hand the style and structure that goes along with it:

  • Students learn using the proven and popular Institute of Writing Excellence curriculum
  • Training to recognize keywords and creating reading outlines aids in effective note taking
  • Students develop actionable quality reading summary through style and structure techniques, including rewriting to express their insights

By focusing on quality, students improve their ability to express their thoughts and ideas.


Critical Reading and Writing

Writing is about expressing concepts into words, and many students struggle to do so because they lack the space to develop their own unique thoughts and ideas.

  • Using high-quality reading and Socratic discussion, students are challenged to respond authentically.
  • Students will have time to develop those thoughts and ideas further through their writing and editing process.
  • By creating a safe space to unpack these passages, students are empowered to develop
    a deeper understanding through discussions.

Students exit the course with a strong ability to create meaningful writing through discussions, having grown in their ability to think critically about their ideas.


Telling True Stories

As students learn to love writing, they often want to join their high school paper, write for their community, or do other professional writing, but they often need some additional training to reach the next caliber of writing quality. In this course:

Students learn to do the kind of fact-based storytelling that engages their readers.

  • By applying their previous class knowledge, they will learn to write nonfiction narratives that are coherent and compelling, purposeful, and powerful.
  • Lessons are built around information gathering and research, including practice interviewing opportunities and applying the basics of both journalism and marketing to hit the goal of any piece.

Each student leaves with experience writing articles, newsletters, and a professional writing portfolio.


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