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Crack the Digital SAT:

“Master Strategies and Personalized Game Plan for a Top Score!"

Digital SAT Crash Course

Course Details

Incredible Value

  • Save time and effort by learning targeted strategies for the digital SAT instead of wasting time on irrelevant material.
  • Understand the new format to feel confident and prepared on test day.
  • Increase your chances of a top score by focusing on common topics and skills tested in each section.
  • Get a personalized study plan to improve your score leading up to test day.
  • A recorded session will be sent with a bonus study materials.

Day 1

Join us for an immersive session on the SAT introduction. We'll cover test structure, question types, success strategies, and the new digital format. Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently excel in this updated SAT version!

Day 2

Come back for an engaging session on the Reading & Writing test. We'll explore various question types and common topics, unraveling test intricacies. Our goal: equip you with the skills to excel in English proficiency.

Day 3

We're about to dive deep into a thrilling exploration of various question types and essential key skills in the Math section. Buckle up to gain a rock-solid understanding while sharpening your mathematical prowess like never before.

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