An academic enrichment program that maximizes learning outcome through the use of personalized coaching and learning technology to build strong
independent learning skills

The Excellerate Learning Studio Difference

Every good parent dreams of their child excelling in school and in life. But the current education system and lack of quality and affordable academic enrichment programs stop that dream from ever happening.

At Excellerate Learning Studio, we offer online group and private sessions for K-12 students that teach strong learning skills and habits not taught or used consistently in our education system today.
Each parent receives a custom roadmap tailored to their student’s specific needs that are proven to get results.

Now parents can sleep easy knowing their child will receive a quality learning experience
and become the person they’ve always meant to be.

Best Learning Technology

Award-winning, Adoptive Learning Technology-based curricula response to your student’s specific needs and strengths in Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

Live Personal Academic Coaching

With research-based study skills methods, it supports your child in establishing habits for lifelong success and confidence.

> Accurate Assessment

Identify gaps in your child’s understanding and learning skills in math, language arts, writing, and reading.

> State-of-the-art Curriculum

Fill in learning gaps or get challenged beyond what school provides in math, language arts, writing, reading, spelling, and vocabulary through an adaptive learning curriculum

> Academic Coaches

Receive support from exclusively trained and seasoned coaches who truly cares about your child's success

> Parent Involvement

No more grading worksheet, but be a partner for your child’s success through regular conference and free webinars

> Proven Results

Catch up or advance an average of 1.5 levels higher than their current grade with only two 50-minute weekly sessions

Guarantee for Success!

Your child is guaranteed a score increase in one of the benchmark assessments such as NWEA MAP

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The Impact of Effective Study Skills