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We Help Your Child Excel in School and in Life

Online or in-person group and private coaching sessions for K-12 students based on our proven learning framework.


Is Your Child Struggling Academically?

They can’t set and keep up with their goals

They can’t pay attention or get their homework done

They don’t write down quality notes in class

They struggle to manage their time in school & at home

They are falling behind compaired to their peers

Their social & emotional health is low

School is not teaching them effective study skill habits



Private Coaching & Group Classes That Will Help Your Child Succeed

We offer online and in-person group and private sessions for K-12 students that teach strong learning skills and habits not taught or used consistently in the current education system.

Each parent receives a custom roadmap tailored to their student’s specific needs that are proven to get results.

As a parent, you can sleep easy knowing your child will receive a quality learning experience and become the person they’ve always meant to be.


What We Do

Our online and in-person study skills sessions follow a proven learning framework called the 4 Learning Domains. We use personalized learning paired with technology to improve your child’s grades, test scores, and study skills.  



Our enrichment classes typically run for 8 months and follow a uniform plan which teaches Writing, Coding, Robotics Competition Math, and more.



For parents wanting more personalized sessions, our certified coaches will work with your child in Math, English, Writing, High-School Prep, and more typically twice a week outside school hours.

What Parents Are Saying:

…More important than their academic growth, it is their love of learning and resiliency to persevere through struggles that I see as the most marked improvement since starting with Excellerate.
The coaches do not help kids right away when they struggle. Instead, they encourage the students to struggle on their own with their coaching. They also teach how to ask specific questions, and not just say, “I don’t get it.” My kids have realized that struggling while learning is not bad. It’s a way to grow and be stretched. They also poignantly make kids aware the difference between “faking” learning and “really” learning, and enjoy the “aha” moments that come when authentic learning takes place.
They also teach Language Arts, Coding, and Writing, all of which my kids have tried at one point or other, and they teach these concepts all throughout their classes.
I am just so thankful that my kids are learning these study skills at an early age and I know they will be better equipped to come across challenges now as they move up in their educational careers.


Previously, our daughter completed the Excellerate ACT program, and we were highly satisfied with the results. Because of the positive experience we had with our daughter, we also signed up our son for math classes twice a week. Our son, who is a bit hesitant against new changes, started to overcome the challenges with the encouragement and the help of the academic coaches. By the time that he graduated from elementary school, he even received an award to be a “Math Master”. I saw significant improvement in his attitude towards studying as he became more independent in completing his tasks and assignments on time.


As a result of this experienced success with our first child, we decided to enroll her siblings in the Excellerate Core program- Math and Reading. Our second child who had a tendency to rush through things used to make careless mistakes in reading comprehension questions, but with the personalized coaching in the areas of study skills and habits, he has become a thoughtful reader paying attention to details and learning how to appropriately pace his work.

The program emphasizes note-taking skills as one of the ways to succeed, and our kids have definitely benefited from such purposeful training throughout the years. The success in the program has also translated into each kid’s success in school- not only the improvement in grades and test scores but also in their self-confidence with what they can accomplish.

Excellerate does not follow a rote-learning model, an approach many typical tutoring programs would take after. It systematically focuses on the areas that each child needs to work on and provides personalized coaching suitable to the students. It is an excellent program that parents can trust, and we have no doubt that we can continue our partnership in educating our children for their success.



After Enrolling in Excellerate Your Child Will Be Able To:

Don’t Wait. Your Child’s Success Depends On It.