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A tutor assisting a student with a lesson in Glenview.

Writing Programs

Academic Enrichment

It’s no secret that writing plays a vital role in every student’s life.

All classes are 50 minutes long and meet twice a week, for a total of eight times per month.

The ability to communicate their ideas, demonstrate their understanding of concepts, and even express themselves as individuals can be traced back to the written word. And yet according to studies, 75% of both 8th and 12th graders lack proficiency in writing. Our students deserve better.

Excellerate is here to help. Our comprehensive writing series focuses on quality over quantity while overcoming common roadblocks, including:

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This introductory course tackles the all-too-common complaint that students ‘hate’ writing. From writer’s block to organizing ideas, building comfort and confidence starts with getting back to fundamentals, including persuasive, narrative, descriptive, informative, and poetic writing styles:

Through this approach, students leave the course with a new self-confidence in their creativity and writing abilities.


Beyond knowing the fundamentals, students are often expected to produce quality writing without seeing or developing first-hand the style and structure that goes along with it:

By focusing on quality, students improve their ability to organize and clearly express their thoughts and ideas.


Writing is about expressing concepts into words, and many students struggle to do so because they lack the space to develop their own unique thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and values.

Students exit the course with a strong ability to create meaningful writing through discussions, having grown in their ability to think critically about their ideas and perspectives.


As students learn to love writing, they often want to join their high school paper, write for their community, or do other professional writing, but they often need some additional training to reach the next caliber of writing quality. In this course:

Each student leaves with experience writing articles, newsletters, and a professional writing portfolio.

You can make anything by writing.