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A group of students engaged in a tutoring session with a knowledgeable tutor in Glenview.

STEM Programs

Academic Enrichment

Creative thinking and problem solving are the STEM skills that last a lifetime.

We specifically design the length and the availability of the classes to meet the needs of busy students. All classes have different settings, but students will meet a total of eight 50-minute sessions per month.

It’s hard to think of math class and not be immediately reminded of the long hours spent reviewing multiplication tables, memorizing numbers, and all the other “rules” that go with them. However, few – if any – students have ever been inspired by flashcards and pop quizzes.

Excellerate can help spark your child’s passion for STEM. We take a more innovative, engaging approach to math and technology, going beyond the standard curriculum to help students:

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By invitation only: for 4th grade and up students who can demonstrate proficiency in 5th-grade level math.

Students often view math as nothing more than a complicated lesson in memorization and that they just need to remember the “right” steps to get to the “right” answer. The true value in learning math, however, is in teaching students to consider problems through different perspectives, to integrate creative ways to find possible solutions, and to persist through challenges and failures.

During Critical Math Thinking for Creative Minds, students will:

Through this approach, students strengthen their problem- solving creativity while building skills beyond the typical school math curriculum – including those often used for math contests.


While coding has become a popular buzzword with
many resources available, the field is still new enough
that it’s not always clear where to start. Schools haven’t
yet standardized their early-learning curriculums
either, so helping your student learn early can be
particularly challenging.

Coding Literacy & Creative Projects provides the
early foundation your student needs, including:

By teaching students and families together, your child will not only build the core foundation and enjoyment of coding needed for future success, but parents also leave with a clear understanding of the coding process and how to continue to foster their child’s curiosity and creativity.


After completing Critical Math Thinking for Creative Minds, many students want to participate in regional, national, and international math contests, but they are often unsure of how to prepare for the competitions.

Joy of Problem Solving offers:

By participating in this structured course, students build their confidence to compete at the regional and national levels. Working through this next level of challenging material further prepares them to achieve the prestigious honors, prizes, and scholarships offered through these contests.


It’s relatively common for kids to grow up playing with LEGOs, building towers and towns. But what if you could harness their creativity into something even more educational – like robotics? Many competitions exist for elementary, middle school, and high school students, but it’s not always clear for parents on how to get started or where to get the resources to start a team.

Through LEGO Robotics, we help students discover the joy and challenge of robotics by:

By the end of the course, both students and their families will be prepared and excited to start their first LEGO Robotics competition!

Learn continually. There’s always “one more thing” to learn.