An Innovative, Fun Writing Program by More Than SAT.

Designed to lower barriers and fears to writing, students are encouraged and guided to “bring out” their inner writer. They will practice writing freely without fear of deadlines and grades.

Students gain confidence and skills by interacting with an experienced writing teacher, a professional editor, and with each other through a fun and creative process! They especially enjoy seeing their works published online, to be shared with family and friends.

For Whom:

  • Write On! who are in 3rd – 8th-grade students
  • For students of any proficiency, who want to improve their writing habits.

The Write On! Process:

We believe that every student is full of ideas and imaginations. Through a four-lesson cycle, our program helps the students to bring them out in more effective, tangible, and creative ways in three stages:

Stage 1: Writing with Imagination + Writing with Ease

The best way to become writers is to simply write and write more often. Instead of worrying about deadlines, grades, and scrutiny, students will have a chance to brainstorm, write, and create to convey their imaginations and ideas.

Each student will have a Writing Journal in which they will practice capturing their thoughts on paper. This journal will become a source of inspiration for years to come, while they build good habits that support their writing in various genres. The Writing Journal will also be used by our teachers and editors to further create, edit, and revise their written pieces through a professional process.

Stage 2: Writing with Writers + Writing with Clarity

Children best learn crafts or skills through good examples within a supportive community. The Write On! writing process provides children many opportunities to keep revising and improving their writing through meaningful feedback. Students will also have opportunities to learn from other great writers their own age. By reading, reinterpreting, or remixing exemplary writings, students can raise their own quality of writing.

Stage 3: Writing with Skill + Writing with Purpose

Our writing students write for a purpose with skill and quality. They have an audience. When the students’ written pieces are complete, they will be published in a monthly Online Newsletter to share with friends and family. Additionally, students will add their final masterpiece to their own Writer Portfolio.

Students will need:

  • Laptop (Mac or PC) or Chromebook equipped with Google Doc capabilities are recommended. However students can also use a tablet device or iPad, but they must also have a keyboard.
  • Student Portfolio (provided by MTSAT)
  • Student Writing Journal (provided by MTSAT)
  • Gmail address to access Google Docs (Parents can set this up for their students or use their email address to give students access)


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