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Why Digital Advanced Learning?

Excellerate brings you digital advanced learning—our unique blend of the best learning technology and personal coaching. Award-winning technology-based learning responds to your student’s specific needs and strengths. Live academic coaching, with research-based study skills methods, supports your child in establishing habits for lifelong success and confidence.

How does Excellerate stand out?

How Excellerate stands out among competitiors

How does Excellerate stand out?

Excellerate Core Academics sessions are led by academic coaches who teach strong study skills through a method developed at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Innovation Lab. Students learn:

> Goal Setting
> Time Management
> Note Taking & Organizing
> Self-Regulation & Social Competency

Taking ownership of their academics, students learn how to learn. The result? Many of our students have been selected for advanced/honors/gifted programs after only one year of Excellerate!

Excellerate Core Academics

Math and/or Language Arts/Reading/Spelling

An innovative K-8 after-school program in Math, Language Arts, Reading, and Spelling. Through precise diagnostics, we pinpoint any concepts students have missed in their learning paths. We use state-of-the art digital curriculum, developed through Stanford University, that adapts to each student’s needs and addresses those gaps so a child truly “gets it” before advancing.

Experience the difference at

Guarantees for Success

Excellerate Academic Enrichment

A safe yet stimulating space for students to experiment with their ideas, explore their interests, and excel in the areas they’re passionate about!
From the strong foundation students gain through our Core Academics, students may advance to Excellerate Academic Enrichment courses:


> Coding and Creative Projects
> Critical Math for Creative Minds
> Competition Math Club
> LEGO Robotics


> Write On!
> Critical Reading and Writing
> Excellence in Writing
> Telling True Stories