Teach them how to fish – Emotional Intelligence

Our lives are often guided by emotion. Whether it’s a meltdown about an upcoming test or figuring out how to respond to a bad grade, our students face a minefield of emotion-ridden situations every day. Even raising a hand in class or asking a question is an emotional risk. What if we could teach them to positively navigate through these scenarios to achieve both academic and personal success? There’s good news – we can.

In the fourth workshop installment, Emotional Intelligence, we uncover the important role of emotional intelligence (EQ) plays in academic success and achieving goals. Parents will learn how to support their child’s EQ development through critical thinking, self-reflection, and problem solving.

Discover and learn to reinforce five key EQ elements:

Emotional Self-Regulation
Media Self-Regulation
Flexibility & Adaptability
Productive Struggle
Critical Thinking & Questioning

*Childcare will be provided.