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Excellerate Summer Academic Camp

Choose your own summer adventure for students in grades 3-8

Make this summer count!

There are many summer camp options, but there are very limited options for students looking to balance both academic and fun! We have carefully curated a combination of courses for elementary school & middle school students that will:

  • build strong academic foundations that will support the upcoming school year and
  • provide hands-on opportunities not easily encountered in schools. 

Our Academic Coaches are qualified and knowledgeable in their subject areas.

They also nurture a student’s engagement, motivation, and learning habits—all in a fun, supportive environment!

Virtual summer camp
Excellerate virtual academic enrichment camp can help your student to be prepared for the fall while being engaged in fun learning. 
Do you want more intensive help for your middle schooler to be prepared for the fall? Check out our Middle School Boot Camp!

Join the summer fun learning
and be ready for fall
as low as $150 per 2-week cycle

Middle School 
Boot Camp

Is your middle schooler ready to conquer the new school year with confidence and independence?

Academic Coaching

The new school experience can be daunting if students don’t know what to expect. To reduce the anxiety, Excellerate’s Academic Coaching will help students set specific and challenging goals, manage their time wisely, use their resources well, take organized notes from class and other study materials, and manage their social and emotional intelligence. Students will work in a small group setting and be engaged in interactive activities. Coaches will model and encourage students to find a personalized approach that works for them.

Intensive Excellence in Writing

We transform our most popular Excellence in Writing course into a summer intensive course. EIW is designed to provide a strong foundation for writing confidence, competence, and creativity. Over the course of six weeks, students will be guided through nine structural models teaching them how to: effectively take notes, create reading outlines, develop actionable reading summaries, write and critique reports and essays, read and respond to literature, and improve their overall writing technique. 

For all 3rd - 8th grade students

Core Academics Programs


Excellerate approaches education through Digital Advanced Learning that combines award-winning technology with a Harvard-developed, human-driven methodology. The cutting-edge adaptive program identifies and meets students exactly where they are by continuously evaluating their individual strengths and needs. Our professional and hands-on academic coaches work individually with your child in Math and Language Arts, Reading, and Spelling (LARS) to establish the study habits that will instill lifelong confidence and success.

Virtual Math Literacy

Core Academic

Excellerate Math & LARS
s2 (11)


STEAM Enrichment

Unique Enrichment Programs


Become an author this summer!

Becoming a children’s book author is an exciting, imagination-generating experience that makes students of all ages want to write and share aloud. It’s academic and engaging, and “disguised learning” at its best. Students will receive their own author kit and will be guided through writing a narrative, such as character & plot development, to create their own imaginative masterpieces. Following the end of the course, each student will receive his or her unique published book, professionally published and bound, with the author (the student) and artist bios. We will have a publishing party for all students who finish a book.


UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Book Club/Become an activist

We will join The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Book Club and read books together from their recommended list to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals in one of the topics, such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, or Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure. At the end of the cycle, 3rd – 5th grade students will complete the program with their own published book through Book Creator and 6th-8th grade students will choose an activist activity to present.


Write On!

Express it in your own way

This introductory course tackles with all the all-too-common complaint that students ‘hate’ writing. From writer’s block to organizing ideas, building comfort and confidence starts with getting back to fundamentals writing styles. 

An intimate and interactive group setting will allow brainstorming and constructive feedback. Writer are to use spoken language to formulate ideas while teaching students to improve their writing through editing. Through this approach, students leave the course with a new self-confidence in their creativity and writing abilities.


Coding Literacy

And Creative Projects

While coding has become a popular buzzword, with many resources available, the field is still new enough that it’s not always clear where to start. Schools haven’t yet standardized their early learning curricula either, so helping your student learn early can be particularly challenging.

Coding Literacy & Creative Projects provides the early foundation your student needs. This class will implement a clear pathway for K-12 students to learn foundational skills such as logic, algorithms, and functions. Students will become familiar with popular program languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, and HTML.


Design Thinking & Tinkering

Chain reaction contraption

Students will have a blast creating chain reaction contraptions which became famous from the annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®. As they create hilarious, complicated ways to do simple, everyday tasks, students will seamlessly incorporate elements of STEAM in every step, integrating the six basic “machines” into their design. They’ll also build learn-from-failures and cooperation skills as they tinker with everyday objects to meet a design challenge! Advanced students will dig further into the principles of design thinking and work to design a solution to a challenge in his or her community.


Wonder/Lego Robotics

Seriously fun time!

It’s relatively common for kids to grow up playing with LEGOs, building towers, and towns. But what if you could harness their creativity into something even more educational – like robotics? Many competitions exist for elementary, junior high, and high school students, but it’s not always clear for parents how to get started or where to get the resources to start a team.

Through LEGO Robotics, we help students discover the joy and challenge of robotics by:

  • Using LEGO WeDo® and Mindstorm® Education sets to
    help students master the basics of robotics
  • Challenging experienced students to create their own movements, tasks to complete, and mission to accomplish
  • Forming teams to compete regionally and nationally, receiving continued support and coaching to improve

By the end of the course, both students and their families will be prepared and excited to start their first LEGO Robotics competition!


Summer fun learning begins here