Searching for lego robotics classes in North Chicago or the surrounding areas? 

Excellerate Learning Studio offers in-person LEGO® Robotics Classes made for 3rd-8th graders. It’s local, safe, and fun! 

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What is a LEGO® Robotics Class?

A LEGO® Robotics class teaches STEM education and valuable life skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication. Classes are typically after-school and run 50 minutes in length across 32 weeks (a semester long). 

In the semester-long class, your child will use materials provided by LEGO® SPIKE PRIME (the new robotics system) which are Legos controlled by the PRIME brain. 

In Lego robotics classes, your child will use all the standard LEGO® pieces they are familiar with, but the magic happens when the “SPIKE PRIME System” is connected along with other attachments and accessories.

In each class, your child will learn how to design, build, and program a LEGO® robot and make their creations come to life in front of their eyes! There’s honestly no better way to expose your kid to the STEM field.

How Much Do LEGO® Robotics Classes Cost?

It depends what state you live in, but most in-person LEGO® robotics classes have a registration fee of $100 or more, along with a monthly fee of $175-$300. So you might be all in at $1,500 for the semester

Excellerate Learning Studio’s LEGO® Robotics Classes are an investment of $195 per month with a $100 registration fee, which is competitive for the greater Chicago, Glenview, and Lincolnshire areas. 

Click here to enroll your student in our LEGO® Robotics Classes located in North Chicago.

What Types of Classes are Offered in LEGO® Robotics?

There are typically three levels of LEGO® robotics classes you can enroll your kid in. The most common levels are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

The majority of classes are for beginners who have little to no experience with Legos or robotics. For those who have already participated in Beginner classes or have had previous exposure to the SPIKE PRIME system, the Advanced classes would be a better fit.  

We offer three levels of LEGO® Robotics Classes. Our three levels are: 

  1. Robot Trainer Lab (Beginner): For students who have never been exposed to LEGO® robotics.
  2. Robot Engineering Lab (Intermediate): For students who have been exposed to robotics in the past.
  3. Robot Design Lab (Advanced): For students who are ready to compete at high levels of competition.

Each class runs 32 weeks long and starts each Fall, Spring, or Summer. 

What is LEGO® Robotics & Coding?

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LEGO® is well known in the educational toy sector for inventing their customizable building block system. Kids of all ages build structures, objects, and practically anything they want out of their block system. 

Lego’s goal with their building block system was to spark a love of design, building, and creativity for future professionals such as engineers and architects. And now, Lego has applied this thinking to the fields of robotics and coding through their LEGO® SPIKE PRIME partnership. 

One of the best things about LEGO® robotics and coding is that while each SPIKE PRIME kit allows users to create and code 5 different types of robots, there is a whole community springing up around the product to create new types of robots and designs. There are plenty of custom enhancements and new plans that can be created which challenge your child’s skills and imagination. 

For example, this dad built a race car out of the PRIME system and Legos. It’s super cool by itself, but it also drives! He built a motor system which controls the front wheel drive. Check out the video below to see how it works.



Top Benefits of LEGO® Robotics for Kids

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If you’re curious about LEGO® robotics for your elementary student, there are so many benefits!

Hopefully we can convince you it’s worth the investment for your child. We’ve listed our top benefits below. 

It’s REALLY Stinking Fun. 

The number one benefit of enrolling your student in a LEGO® robotics class is that they are just so much fun! There are only a few children in the world who wouldn’t jump at the chance to design, build, and program their very own robot. 

Building with Legos is fun by itself, but turning creations into robots that can walk, talk, and think is even better! 

It Exposes Your Child to STEM. 

As a parent, you already know the value of teaching your kid STEM subjects. The more you expose your child to STEM-related fields, the better our world will be. And God knows we need more innovators and smart folks right now!

By investing in LEGO® robotics education now, you can give your child an opportunity to improve their future in terms of career choices and life paths. It’s not your job to force them into a future career, but it is your job to expose them to as many options as possible.

It Builds Life-Skills Necessary for Your Child’s Educational Success. 

You want your student to learn real-life cognitive skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making, right? Then LEGO® robotics classes are your answer! 

Studies show that there is a significant increase in students’ critical thinking and social skills with robotic-based learning and the LEGO® system. This is primarily attributed to the “playful game environment,” according to Barbra Caci and the Department of Psychology at the University of Palermo.

This playful game environment works the child’s abstract and concrete thinking, as the robot can be pieced together in multiple ways. This also brings in if…then rules to help make decisions and solve problems. 

LEGO® robotics classes are also perfect for developing high-level communication and group working skills. Three to eight students are in each class, so your child will be motivated to share their point of view while also learning how to compromise with others. 

Your child’s creativity will excel too. They will be forced to find creative solutions to the problems that they encounter. Sometimes this means making mistakes, and other times it means hitting it right on the head. Either way, what they learn from the process will be pivotal to their growth.

Choose Excellerate’s Local, In-Person LEGO® Robotics Classes

At Excellerate Learning Studio, our in-depth LEGO® Robotics Classes run at two locations: Glenview, IL, and Lincolnshire, IL. 

At both locations, your child will use the Legos they’ve already come to know and love while combining it with the SPIKE PRIME system. 

We offer three classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. If your child is completely new, perfect, we can teach them! If they’ve already had experience, even better, we can teach them also!  

Classes last 32 weeks and run in 50-minute sessions. They are led by our expert coaches who are trained in robotics, coding, and educational systems.

Enroll your child in Glenview, IL, and Lincolnshire, IL. LEGO® Robotics Classes by clicking here.

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