Google Calendar is one of the best free resources for busy families who want to get and stay organized.

For families, Google Calendar is mainly used for keeping track of routine weekly activities like chores, homework, and family events. Each member of the family can have their own account with access to manage and view the family calendar. 

If your goal is to keep your family organized this year, continue reading and we’ll teach you how to use Google Calendar for your family: like parents, kids, and even pets (if you’re into that).

What is Google Calendar?


Google Calendar is a free calendar app for your desktop and phone to keep track of and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly activities or tasks. You can schedule your whole life with this digital calendar and share your schedule with your family or friends. 

Google calendar is 100% free to use and works well with all the other Google apps like Drive and Google Meet. 

You can access Google Calendar through your smartphone, tablet, or computer device. Just search for the app on your phone’s app store or search for it in Google.

Is Google Calendar Good for Families?

Yes, Google Calendar is perfect for busy families who want to become organized. Each member of the family can have their own calendar and share it with others. Parents can also assign and remind their children of any events, chores, or assignments. 

Anyone on the family calendar can see, access, and edit the Google Calendar in case something is canceled or something last-minute comes up. 

Google Calendar for families works best if each person has a Google account. Then calendars can be shared with each other. If you don’t want each child to have their own calendar, we do have an alternative way of making it work. 

Most parents use a Google family Calendar for: 

  • Assigning chores
  • Setting reminders for homework assignments
  • Noting birthday parties
  • Noting after-school events
  • Scheduling fun family trips
  • Teaching time management and organizational skills

Google Calendar is a great tool for helping your child learn time management and organization. At Excellerate Learning Studio, we can not only teach these skills and principles to your child, but we can help you use tools like Google Calendar to enforce their training even after school is done.

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How to Create a Google Account (Desktop)

Follow these steps below if you’re on a desktop.First, create a Google Account by heading to, then click the Sign In button in the top right-hand corner.

Second, click the Create an Account button. It will be below the email box.

Finally, once you have an account, navigate to the top right-hand corner, click the six squares icon, then click Google Calendar.

How to Create a Google Account (Phone)

Follow these steps below if you’re on a phone. 

First, head to the Google or Apple app store and search “Google Calendar.” Then click Download.

Second, sign in or Create an Account.

How Do You Create a Family Calendar on Google? 

It works best if each parent and children have a Google account. However, there is an alternative and easier way if you don’t want to go through that hassle.

Once you, the parent, have created an account in Google, you’ll have a blank canvas on your account. But let’s change that!

Step 1: Create a New Event

On the parent’s account, create a new event. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just go ahead and create a test event by clicking anywhere on a date or by clicking the +Create button. For this example, we will call this event “BBQ.” 

Step 2: Add Event Details

Select the date, time, and location of the event.

You can also repeat this event if you’d like. Just click the Does Not Repeat section to customize. Then click Save.

Make sure to also set reminders as well. 

Step 3: Add New “Child Calendars” (Optional)

If you don’t want each child to have their own Google account, here’s where you can add different “Child Calendars.”

This works best if you, the parent, have one Google account and it’s a shared calendar you have on a home desktop device. Each child will have their own color and be able to access the one calendar. These “calendars” act almost like tags. 

For example: a 🔵 blue calendar is for Jack and a 🔴 red calendar is for Jillian. First head to the Settings tab near the top right-hand corner.

Then, find the Create New Calendar tab on the left side. Input your child’s name.

Finally, click Create Calendar.

You’ll notice now that you have two new calendars/tags added: Jack and Lillian.

Step 4: Assign Your Child to the Event (Share Your Calendar)

If you created separate calendars for your children, simple head back to the event you created and click the Edit icon.

Then, assign it to one of your kids. Google automatically creates the event for the account that is signed in (so that would be you).

The color of the calendar will change based on the calendar/tag it’s assigned to (a mustard color for Jack).

If you want each child to have their own Google account with their own separate calendar, you will need to share their calendars with you. Login to your children’s account first. 

Then, go to Settings, click their calendar name (for this example the child’s name is David), then click Share with Specific People.

Finally, type in the name or email of you (the parent) and give yourself full permissions.

4 Creative Ways to Use Google Calendar for the Family

There are multiple cool ways to use Google Calendar for your family. We’ve listed four of our favorites.

1. Use Multiple Calendars

Sometimes one calendar/tag isn’t enough or can become quite overwhelming. Adding calendars and putting them into categories will make things a little more clear.

For example, you might want to break events up into categories like:

  • School
  • Entertainment
  • After-school activities
  • Sports
  • Fun Family Events
  • Chors

2. Display Your Calendar on a TV in Your Home

It’d be awesome to display your family’s calendar for all to see on a widescreen tv at home. It’s almost like taking old-school principles and repurposing them into a modern way. 

With one glance, everyone will know what’s coming up for the week and the and the colors that represent each child or category. 

3. Add Reminders

If you’re someone who likes to host family events and parties, then use the Google Calendar to invite your guests.

Instead of sharing a text or calling each person, you can invite them to your event using the family Google Calendar service. That way, everyone can know the details, share their comments, and RSVP. 

4. Sync Every Device

You should sync your Google Calendar with every device you own, which will maximize your alertness and organization.

Google Calendar works on all Apple, Android, tablets, and desktop devices.


The Google Calendar is a great tool for busy families who want to keep everyone in the loop and organized.

And if you value family organization, you most likely value your children’s education and future success. 

At Excellerate Learning Studio, we offer group and private lessons for K-12 students that teach strong learning skills and habits not taught in our education system today. Each parent receives a custom roadmap tailored to their student’s specific needs that are proven to get results.

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