Academic enrichment activities will expand your child’s learning abilities and help them acquire information in a fun, interesting way.

But what exactly are academic enrichment activities and how can they help your child? 

Academic enrichment programs are any activity that helps advance your child’s critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and overall confidence. Creative writing, research projects, legos, robotics, and coding are some examples. 

A national evaluation found that more than 40% of students improved their reading and math grades simply by attending enrichment programs. 

At Excellerate, we offer some amazing K-12 online or in-person academic enrichment programs that can give your child the best learning experience. Call us at 312-820-4578 or email us at if you have any questions. 

Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about academic enrichment and how it can help your child!

What are Academic Enrichment Activities? 

Academic enrichment activities are specifically made to help students retain more information by learning about important topics in a fun, engaging way. If your child has a thirst for knowledge that cannot be fulfilled in school, then our academic enrichment activities are the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Our activities will challenge your child in ways that will help keep them focused and eager to learn.

Academic Enrichment Activities for High-Achieving Children

Having the ability to grasp new concepts quickly can be a blessing, but only if it is utilized in the right way. 

If your child is ahead of other students in math, reading, or other subjects, there is a good chance they aren’t feeling challenged enough, which can lead to them feeling bored. In most cases, a bored child may be disruptive during class, which could seem as if they’re exhibiting some behavioral problems.  

Unfortunately, school teachers have a lot on their plates and aren’t able to discern whether a child is acting out due to behavioral problems or boredom. 

What’s more, teachers cannot work with each child individually in order to meet their needs. This is why academic enrichment programs are highly beneficial and can help high-achieving students live up to their full potential.

Academic Enrichment Activities for Children Who Need Extra Help

While academic enrichment programs are incredibly beneficial for high-achieving students, they are equally beneficial for children that need a bit more help with their studies. 

If your child is behind their peers in school, an academic enrichment program can help get them back on track. We offer help with school assignments and provide academic support that will not only improve your child’s learning abilities but also motivate them to keep learning. 

Academic Enrichment Activities for Children With Drive to Succeed

Some children need help in order to live up to their full potential. At a young age, it can be quite difficult to determine what they want to excel at, and they likely need a bit of a push in the right direction. 

Our enrichment programs expose children to new activities that will open them up to new and exciting opportunities. We offer a safe space where they can have fun trying out new activities and discovering what they like and what they dislike. 

Your child will discover new interests that will motivate them to do their best in school, and achieve everything they dreamed of in life.

The Purpose Behind Academic Enrichment

There’s no doubt that school is a place where children can gain a wealth of knowledge in an array of different topics. The problem is that not all children are able to learn at the same pace. 

Learning Studios such as Excellerate can help children not only keep up with their schoolwork but also advance their knowledge in a particular subject. 

The purpose behind our academic enrichment programs is to help provide a safe space where your child can work on improving their critical-thinking skills and help them build up their confidence.

A typical classroom relies heavily on memorization which can make it incredibly difficult for some children to keep up. It’s not uncommon for students to memorize a concept without fully understanding it.

Academic enrichment programs are put in place to teach your child how to apply certain theories and concepts by offering a hands-on learning experience. This allows them to absorb more knowledge and learn in an advanced capacity.

As your child gains a better grasp on the materials, their curriculum will become more challenging, thus pushing your child to achieve its full potential.

What are examples of Enrichment Activities? 

Enrichment activities should prepare your child for their future by providing them with space where they feel free to express themselves and help open their minds to new possibilities. 

Some examples of enrichment activities include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative writing
  • Book Clubs
  • Debating
  • Puzzles/board games
  • Research projects
  • Legos
  • Robotics
  • Coding

A List of Enrichment Activities for Elementary Students

Elementary school students will be introduced to the basic concepts of learning during this time in their academics. Some of the most important subjects are: 

  • Introduction to creative writing 
  • Critical thinking activities

Introduction to Creative Writing

Writing is an incredibly useful enrichment activity that doesn’t require a lot of preparation to get started. In fact, there are several easy writing assignments that will do wonders to help your child develop beginner writing skills. For example, asking them to answer a simple question such as: Would you change your name? If so, please explain. And if not, also explain. 

Activities such as this one spark your child’s imagination and make them elaborate their thoughts in a concise manner. Other benefits include:

  • Improves self-expression
  • Improves stronger communication
  • Leads to job success
  • Boosts thinking skills
  • Fosters empathy
  • It is fun for kids

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a necessary skill that should be taught to children at a young age. This skill will help your child with:

  • Understanding the links between ideas
  • Learning how to solve a problem by using a step-by-step approach
  • Determining the importance of presenting ideas and arguments
  • Identifying errors and inconsistencies 
  • Analyzing and identifying alternative ways to solve a problem and choosing amongst them
  • Quicker decision-making

One of the most important skills necessary to develop critical thinking is the ability to ask questions. Every child should be encouraged to ask questions, and these courses will help them learn to do just that. 

Academic Enrichment Activities For Elementary Students to Engage In:

Enrichment Activities for Middle Schoolers

Once your child finishes elementary school, the curriculum will slowly become more difficult. Some children find it easy to keep up with the workload whereas others will have a bit more difficulty staying on track. 

Regardless of which category your child finds themselves in, the following activities will help them succeed with their studies:

  • Debating
  • Intermediate creative writing
  • Critical math thinking
  • Robotics


Debating is an active, engaging activity that requires research, reasoning, and public speaking skills. 

Teaching middle-schoolers to debate will result in them learning to plan an argument, choosing how to present it, and defending it. These skills will prove to be very useful in your child’s future and will do wonders to prepare them for high school. 

Intermediate Creative Writing

Intermediate creative writing takes the skills your child has learned from beginner-level writing and improves upon them. 

Through these creative writing activities, your child will overcome their writing inhibitions and get inspired to explore different writing styles 

Critical Math Thinking

The purpose of math is to help children learn how to solve problems by using different approaches. Math is far more creative than we give it credit for. 

When trying to find the “right answer” to the problem, we have to come up with a system that will get us there. This will often require some outside-the-box thinking.  


Robotics in the classroom has proven to be a consistent way to teach students the STEM skills needed to prepare them for the future. We have highlighted 2 key benefits for enrolling students in a robotics program.

1. Robotics Can Help Students Discover Their Passions

There are many different pathways to take while building a robot. Some students discover a passion for coding or 3D printing, while others enjoy the mechanical aspect of building robots. 

It’s amazing to watch students build their own learning pathways because robotics offers them an open platform where they can decide where to go with their experimentations.

2. Robotics Teaches Strong Teamwork Skills

It takes a team of determined students to build a well functioning robot. Robots won’t work if students don’t know how to collaborate well with their teammates and communicate their ideas efficiently. 

Enrichment Activities for High Schoolers

This is the time when your child should be thinking about their plans for the future and absorbing all the knowledge they can. These are some useful enrichment activities you should consider:

  • Career related activities – shadowing/internship
  • Academic competitions – scholastic bowls, math competitions
  • Advanced Creative Writing
  • Conducting research 
  • Debating/Competitive Speech
  • Coding

Career Related Activities

More and more students are exploring opportunities for internships. Studies show that 70% of companies offer their interns full time jobs at the end of an internship. 

Internships are a great way for students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations in a professional setting. 

Employers often use internship experience as a differentiator when trying to decide between two equally qualified applicants. 

Academic Competitions 

Participating in academic competitions can spur students to achieve excellence in their academic careers. Preparing for competitions can get students excited to learn more about academic content and the preparation will help them retain more in the classroom.

Advanced Creative Writing

Advanced creative writing should teach your child how to craft compelling yet believable characters for a variety of genres. 

Advanced writing is meant to mold their writing skills and apply all their previously acquired knowledge to create an exciting narrative.  

Conducting Research

Students will have to conduct a lot of research when they go off to college. So it’s extremely beneficial to give them opportunities to increase their skills in research at an earlier stage. 

Some of the benefits of research include:

  • Fostering critical thinking and analytical skills through hands-on learning
  • Defining academic, career and personal interests
  • Expanding knowledge and understanding of a chosen field outside of the classroom

You can encourage your student to pick a topic they find fascinating and start researching everything they can about the topic.

Debating and Competitive Speech

There are numerous benefits behind students participating in speech and debate. So what are they?

Benefits of Speech and Debate:

  • Gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner’s normal academic subjects
  • Increasing learners’ confidence, poise, and self-esteem
  • Providing an engaging, active, learner-centered activity
  • Improving rigorous higher-order and critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing the ability to structure and organize thoughts
  • Enhancing learners’ analytical, research and note-taking kills
  • Improving learners’ ability to form balanced, informed arguments and to use reasoning and evidence
  • Developing effective speech composition and delivery
  • Encouraging teamwork

Debating provides experiences that are conducive to life-changing, cognitive, and presentational skills. It also helps students see the power of deploying rational and reasonable arguments. 


Coding is highly sought after by employers in a variety of career fields. Students who have even a basic understanding of coding will advance far in their careers. 

Some of the benefits of coding are the following:

  • A better understanding of technology 
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Complements creativity
  • Improve career prospects
  • Helps retain good attention to detail 

Coding isn’t for everyone but it’s worth a shot as it can significantly increase your skill set.

How to Get Started in an Academic Enrichment Activity for Your Child

If you’re excited about your child’s academic prospects and are ready to provide the best opportunity for them to learn at their own pace, we encourage you to sign them up for our academic enrichment program at Excellerate

Our programs are suitable for high-achieving children, ambitious children who have yet to determine their interests, and children that just need help with their school work. 

If you’d like to take advantage of our enrichment program, we encourage you to sign your child up for a free 2-week trial. Also, feel free to schedule a personal consultation to discuss your child’s needs. Our mission is to help your child achieve their goals and live up to their full potential.

An Academic Enrichment Activity Lesson Plan

Depending on your child’s needs, you can sign them up for our comprehensive writing or STEM programs. 

Academic Enrichment Writing Program

Our academic enrichment writing programs first teach and then improve upon your child’s writing skills.  

Introductory Writing Course

Our introductory courses are meant to make writing the fun, creative experience it deserves to be. Most students complain about not knowing what to write about, or they are not confident enough to express their thoughts.

For that reason, our introductory courses are meant to:  

  • Reduce your child’s writing inhibitions
  • Help them explore different writing styles 
  • Inspire creative thinking
  • Help increase writing comfort

Advanced Writing Course

Once your child fully understands the basics of writing, the next step is learning how to write quality material with the help of our advanced writing courses.

Through these courses, students will learn how to:

  • Use the Institute of Writing Excellence curriculum
  • Recognize keywords 
  • Create reading outlines 
  • Develop high-quality reading summaries
  • Apply style and structure techniques
  • Use rewriting techniques

Students who are struggling with putting their thoughts into words will be challenged to develop and express these thoughts through quality reading and academic discussion. 

After completing the course, your child will be able to create meaningful essays and apply critical thinking to their ideas. 

A typical class at Excellerate Learning Studio lasts 50 minutes. We will meet with your child two times a week (eight times per month). Our goal is for each student to leave this course with the confidence to fully express themselves through creative writing. 

Academic Enrichment STEM Program

One of the core subjects in STEM programs is math. As we all know, learning multiplication and applying the correct formulas in the right places are all skills that can be difficult to master, especially when the method of teaching isn’t interesting. 

Unfortunately, a school teacher’s job isn’t to make things more interesting but rather to teach children the information they’ll need in order to pass the grade. To be fair, some teachers may try to enhance the learning experience, but those are far too few. 

Our academic enrichment STEM program focuses on creating a stimulating environment where children can learn important information in an engaging way. What’s more, our lesson plans don’t include the use of boring flashcards and pop quizzes. We like to focus on what’s important, which is:

  • Teaching your child how to use critical thinking in everyday situations
  • Showing them how to enhance their problem-solving skills
  • Exploring your child’s interests
  • Helping them gain experience in real-life challenges 

When you sign your child up for our STEM classes, we will meet four times per month (one class per week). This will give your child enough time to process the new information, and get ready to learn more. 


Every good parent dreams of their child excelling in school and in life. But the current education system and lack of quality and affordable academic enrichment programs stop that dream from ever happening.

At Excellerate Learning Studio, we offer online group and private sessions for K-12 students that teach strong learning skills and habits not taught or used consistently in our education system today. 

Each parent receives a custom roadmap tailored to their student’s specific needs that are proven to get results. Now parents can sleep easy knowing their child will receive a quality learning experience and become the person they’ve always meant to be.

Contact us directly with your academic question by phone at 312-820-4578 or by email at We’d be happy to help!

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